About Prefabricated Building

The components of prefabricated buildings (walls, roof and floor) are built in a factory or manufacturing facility and then shipped to the construction site. These parts can be assembled in a factory and then transported to the construction site for use.
Prefabricated buildings are becoming increasingly popular due to the low cost, quick delivery time and reusability of this building construction method.
Temporary buildings, office space, remote campgrounds, hospitals and schools are some of the most common uses for prefab buildings.
Prefabrication is more efficient than typical on-site construction because it allows more precise control over the manufacturing process by using a production line in a controlled environment.

Prefabricated Building Specs :

• Galvanised IBR pitch roofing - Chroma - Deck option available

• Reinforced concrete slab foundation - level site

• Insulated sandwich panelled walls - insulated core

• Insulated suspended ceiling

• Ceramic floor tiles

• Electrical - and plumbing works included

• Wall height 2400 mm

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Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings

The materials are extremely durable
Build is much faster
There are fewer environmental risk factor
Quality can be checked prior to construction
Production of components by a specialist
Simplifies construction processes and schedules
Lower Cost

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